Our Mission: To REACH out and serve all students who need support, by helping them attain their place in life through academic and interpersonal success.

What people are saying about REACH


"When I first came to REACH I thought it was going to suck. I thought it was for people with anger issues and things like that. I just thought it wasn't for me and I was going to hate it. After thinking about it I started to think people were going to make fun of me for being in it. After my first day I realized it was nothing like that and that REACH is for anybody, and problems or not, it's going to help. So far my grades have stayed higher since last Tri and my attitude has changed for the better. And I'd say that I'm glad I joined REACH instead of leaving it thinking it was horrible." - Freshman

"When I first came to REACH I can say I was scared to come to REACH. I felt like I was different on my first day. But with being the new kid in just the first week I saw everyone was honest, trusting, and very helpful. If it was grades, family, friends they were there. I felt welcomed right away. Everyone in here is all a like NO one is out of place! If I ever had anything on my mind and needed someone to talk to I would think of my REACH class right away no questions asked, and if it was more personal than Mr. Harlander will always be there. He would do anything to help his REACH kids. REACH is what I like to call HOME!! I never feel left out and no else would either." - Sophmore

"Most students would say it's a place to get help with academics and family problems. As Mr. Harlander says, 'We are a FAMILY and we need to hold each other accountable in order to be successful.' To me it's so much more than that. REACH is a place where students can get the support they want. They can put things on the table without having to worry about other students spreading it around. What happens in REACH, stays in REACH. It's also a place for students who are drug and/or alcohol dependent and can get help. Goals are set in REACH and each student has to work hard to succeed. The bar is set high from the beginning, but only the students who really want success will reach it. That's what REACH is. Students setting goals, working hard, holding each other accountable, overcoming problems, earning trust, and most importantly becoming a FAMILY that helps one another along the bumpy road to success." - Junior

"Mr. Harlander, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I thought I was doomed until you / REACH came and saved me just like the real Superman. You showed me that there is more to life than what ever I thought. You made me feel like I have two loving, caring families. Even though some people give up on me, you never have and I thank you so much for that. For once in my life I feel like I'm not a failure. You helped me turn my life around so much, by doing that made me meet new people that made me feel like I belong. I just can't thank you enough for helping me find the real me." - Senior


"Our daughter has been in the REACH program for a little over a year. The leaders in this program as well as the other students have helped her tremendously. Our family has been dealing with many issues, such as her father battling colon cancer since January 2008 and her favorite aunt diagnosed and dying from Lou Gerhigs (ALS). There is a long list of alcoholic issues in both side of our family, but neither of us, her parents, use alcohol. Our fears of her not being able to cope with all the medical issues in the family would lead her down a negative path. We tried to get her help with counseling at the clinic and they may have helped, but it was not enough. Granted, we as parents dealing with our own issues relating to the cancer, chemo treatments, surgeries, Dr. appts, etc...we couldn't find enough time or the knowledge of coping ourselves, much less helping her. At times we were overwhelmed as I think many families are today with their own issues and children. As an educator myself, I find that the biggest struggle, how do know what our students are dealing with at home and how do we help them. The REACH program is an answer. The program, with its leaders and other students, has helped our daughter focus on her needs and issues with group support and feedback, set goals and ways to reach them, and hold her accountable. Prior to her being admitted to this program, she was getting D's and we were struggling to get those. With her ADHD, and emotional issues added to her inabiltiy to focus and was getting argumentive with teachers as well as us. She is now getting A's, and B's, has renewed confidence, and is feeling better about herself.and is continuing to grow in postive ways. It has been a lot of hard work for her, but without the support and positive reinforcement she gets in REACH it mostly likely would have had a very different turn. We are so thankful for the REACH team leaders for their compassion, structure, support and efforts in this program. "


From a member of the Minnesota Alternative Association of Programs (MAAP)
"The REACH Program is Innovative. It raises the hope of the kids involved while also raising their chances of success."